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How to remove a computer virus

Almost everything can be infected by a virus and computers are not far to be left behind. First of all, let us know what is a computer virus? – It is a piece of code which is capable of copying itself and typically has an inimical effect, such as corrupting the computer system or destroying data. So if “viruses” are malicious and harmful to a computer system, let us know how to get rid of them.

The following are the 5 steps for removing a virus and securing a computer system:

  1. Determination of Virus in a system
    Viruses attack a system immediately and there are disrupting changes observed in a system. Such as         
  2. Computer seems to be sluggish and some tasks are randomly occurring
  3. Changes in the operation of a web browser and direction to an unknown site automatically as soon as you open the browser.
  4. Crashing of a computer system and corrupting of some files when tried to be opened as well as instability of the overall system.
  5. Classification of threat
    Although every sign mentioned above shows that there is a presence of a viral infection in the system but it is fair to classify the virus to as Trojan virus, malware, worm, etc. Few disturbances might also be a hardware/software problem so it is better to classify the threat for the system.
  6. Backing up data (Securing Data)
    Once you realize that the computer is infected by a virus, it is advised that you back up your data on another device, cloud, etc. This will ensure that no important data/files/folders are cleaned up while killing/removing the virus.
  7. Removing the Virus (Anti – Virus Software)
    There are many free anti – virus software available on the various websites on the internet.
    1. To remove any virus, this software will help you with minimum fuss and virus will be removed within a few clicks.
    1. There are instances when you have anti-virus software installed in a computer and still the virus is not detected, in that case, the virus/malware is cleverly designed to escape the virus scan run by the software.
    1. The best thing to keep your computer away from any virus/malware, you must purchase an anti-virus application service available in packages periodically (i.e. monthly, half-yearly, annually). Antivirus applications are so well designed that they remove any viruses and also keep them away from infecting back the system.
  8. Safety and Security
    Okay! The virus/malware is removed but we must make it a habit to stay away from software/websites/files/applications that can be a potential threat to our computer system. Also remember to back up your data on another device/cloud just in case of losing data via viruses/malware.

“For hassle and fuss free computing, choose a suitable anti – virus application and Happy & Safe Computing to you”